Back to the web roots

Webdesign / Internet

Sometimes you want to try things out and after a while you realize that it didn't work as well as you thought it would. When I made my first attempts with Markdeep, I was really excited (I still am). There is nothing negative that I can say about the project, except that it doesn't fit me and my ideas anymore. My idea of a good website is that it (almost) always works. To implement a website or blog with Markdown is a good idea, but only as long as Javascript is turned on. I don't want to force people to turn on JS in the file of the alligator, if they want to look at my site. If other websites don't work, that's not my problem. Without JS even textbrowsers like lynx or links can display my website e.g. from users* using Arch Linux. A community that I find quite pleasant. In addition the articles from the low tech magazine, fabien and tonsky helped me a little with my considerations to design everything back to the roots.

All in all, my project had already become too big again, so I left the videos out until I found a better idea for it. Also, the site is self-scaling again and therefore (to some extent) displayable on different devices. There is no real mobile version yet and my target group is anything but the typical smartphone user. What I know from some conversations, my user tends to oversized monitors or typical heavy " landscape laptops. But since I only have a small amount of data at my disposal that people send to me freely, I can only give a rough guess. Personally I also like it better and that is somehow an important reason for a change. The loading times have improved a lot, because not so many external files have to be loaded anymore. But I still have to optimize small problems in some places. For the framework I chose Skeleton instead of Bootstrap. I wanted to keep the design as simple as possible and if I need more features, I can also add them later on.

There were a lot of changes in the links. I took out almost all Wikipedia articles and preferred to look for original sources. The market dominance of the encyclopedia has become a bit too big for me in the last years and I also have no control over the links within an article. There are too many professionals who rewrite articles for corporations, governments and so on according to a demanded propaganda. My page can only be rewritten by me and with that I have solved the problem. Also Youtube links were completely removed, because the Alligator browser can not display them properly. This is still a big problem, but it has to be solved within the Alligator project and not necessarily the website. I also removed the Instructables links completely, because the cockie messages really annoyed me every time I opened the website. This also applies to any other website that doesn't want to comply with European data protection regulations. You have been excluded from digital inclusion. Your bad luck.

Frameworks, Markdown and Javascript are really nice developments, but if we look at it soberly a simple website with good content and interesting projects is enough. My projects will be published again, but just like the articles I have to revise them first. There are many more details on these pages that I have to control and improve. Until then I also take a little break from the Alligator project, not because I don't feel like it anymore but because I have neglected other tasks. I have to rework them now, otherwise there will be too many of them and I don't want that either. Especially because I want to publish some more content here.