One hour one life

2014 I chilled at a friend's house and we programmed a little bit (at that time still in C#). Because we were bored we thought about developing a small computer game. Rather a demo. Since I can also pixelate a little, this idea came to me.

A human starts in the desert and has to find a stone as fast as possible, to cut off a branch, 
run to a water hole (drink), then run to a berry bush (eat). Then find another stone with the 
stone, make a pointed stone out of it, sharpen the stick with it and kill a rabbit.
That was my idea. Everything should go very fast and most of the time you would starve or die of thirst. I explained the concept to my acquaintance and how to further develop it, I dreamed that you could play the whole human history. Wouldn't that be great? my friend couldn't convince this idea and we developed a demo where two players could shoot each other down with a tank. I ended my cooperation, but was internally disappointed. I put my idea into a drawer. Nobody was interested in Survival Games at the time.

In 2018 my roommate comes into my room and says that someone has implemented the idea of that time as a computer game. I should definitely take a look at it. I was incredibly angry at first. So epically angry. I went to the website of One hour one life and watched the trailer. Damn it! This is so incredibly beautifully drawn and the developer has implemented exactly the same complexity as I wanted to implement it. Everything was drawn by him and also the sounds were recorded, the programming and there are even servers. In addition, all files are under open licenses and the game is not sold through Steam. I was so excited that I bought the game. Actually, I wanted to be angry and jealous because someone had the same idea as me, but now I was just happy. It was all exactly as I had imagined it to be and I couldn't have done it better. I have great respect for this lone wolf developer.

Build the game on Elementary OS

As I already mentioned above, the source code is included in the download. With this you can build the game for GNU/Linux yourself. All users* with a 64 Linux system have to do this, too, because there is a ready binary only for 32. Since I hadn't found a reasonable tutorial at the time, I wrote this article and found two problems that can be solved very easily.

First we go to the OneLife_Live6_UnixSource folder where only the file pullAndBuildLatest is located. We open a terminal inside the folder and install (if we haven't done it before) git with sudo apt install git. Then we start the download and build with ./pullAndDownloadLatest and in the next step ./runToBuild. We see this list:

   select platform:
    1 --  GNU/Linux
    2 --  MacOSX
    3 --  Win32 using MinGW
    4 --  Raspbian on Raspberry Pi (experimental)
    q --  quit

We choose the 1 and build our version.

   > 1
    Building OneLife...
    make: Nothing to be done for 'all2'.
    Making directories
    Copying items from build into directories
    Run OneLifeApp to play.

and start the game with ./OneLifeApp


fatal error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory

There are many people at the moment who do not understand the problem and therefore give too much stupid advice. Unfortunately this happens very often in game communities where there are only a few programmers or experienced Linux users*. The solution is very simple. The game does not use the SDL version 2 but the 1.2 version. We have to install it with sudo apt install libsdl1.2-dev afterwards. After that the game can be built as described above.

The two monitor FUUUU!

Since I am using a gaming laptop but have an additional monitor connected to it, it can also cause problems that are easy to solve. The problem is that the game is shared between both monitors. We'll turn off the other monitor. We start the game and switch to our desktop with alt+shift. Now we turn on the other monitor again. The game is now in the window mode and we can go to the settings.

With Fullscreen we click on the checkbox and turn off this function.

Now we press the Restart button and restart the game again.

Now all we have to do is enter our e-mail address and the code that we receive by e-mail. This will be sent to us when we have bought the game. Now we just have to survive the tutorial and not die too soon. Oh...


I have no idea if this is an official bug or if my settings cause problems, but if I want to log out I can only select % (see screenshot). Even with different keyboard combinations I couldn't manage that. The little X in the window and alt+f4 doesn't work either. The problem occurs with the latest version of Eelemantry os. I'll call it the percent-bug. It would be nice if this is fixed or someone can tell me a solution.