Internet Archive

Photo by: Beatrice Murch

In the last weeks I have been looking for a solution to publish my videos. Despite my concerns (which came true) I tried Youtube and uploaded the material there. After a few weeks the project was stopped and I could give my feedback here. Since this will never reach Google and I consider this service a failure, I save my time and prefer to concentrate on services that work.

So I published all my videos on my account. There I not only generated more attention than on Youtube in a very short time, but can also place all my movies under the public domain license. There are no unnecessary data queries that I have to submit, no restrictions on how big the videos can be and no suggestions are made to me as to what I have to watch. Of course the internet archive of the performance is much slower, but you can download everything and watch it offline. This is not a professional service like Youtube but just a library that stores data. For me this is still a wonderful alternative until I have installed my own server and also later I want to use it as a backup.

A real advantage is that the internet archive is not a walled garden in which the data disappears into a data silo and can only be freed from it with efforts. We should finally bury the project social-web and take care of the open and free web again. If we leave the Internet or the web to some large corporations, we lose our digital freedom and are degraded to a product. If we want to promote a free and cultural, humanistic and free diversity, we have to take responsibility and then go the ways that are a little more difficult for us to cope with.

Additionally I copied my albums from Bandcamp to the internet archive and closed my account. I will continue to use bandcamp as a consumer, but no longer as an artist. I don't feel like filling in any reCaptchas for each login and working for free. My lifetime is far too precious for that. It wasn't worth it for me because I now make music that is only heard by very few people. I have sold a total of zero albums and can release them under a free license. My goal was never to earn money as a musician.