Going green

People are comfortable. I know that from myself. Why worry about something when everything is going well? The last few years I was registered with my health insurance company, which my mother had chosen for me when I was a child. I never really had a reason to change, until two months ago I just quit quietly without a word. For the last three years I had the feeling that the service was getting worse and so I became more and more dissatisfied. I was often met with an arrogant complacency. The typical customer will not quit after such a long time already and in Germany most people are a life long with a health insurance company. It was time to change something. The surprise was big and the employees asked for feedback. I didn't give them any information because they won't change anything anyway. I have wasted my time long enough with apologies and comforting words. I have denied this health insurance company access to my money and data.

So I quit my electricity supplier and change to a new one when he thought that he had to cut down a forest for lignite. I grew up on a farm and love nature. I find it antisocial, irresponsible and despicable how we all deal with our planet. The electricity supplier threatened that everything would become expensive. The threat went up in smoke, because I like to pay for green electricity if it means fewer trees are cleared. I don't want to have to explain to the next generation of children what foxes, trees and birds are. For too long I have rested on my rotten skin and never cared about the needs of my electricity provider. It is time to take responsibility for nature and the environment. Of course my small decision will not reverse the global warming and the melting ice at the North and South Pole, but at some point you just have to start with a small middle finger.

That's why I changed my e-mail provider. Up to now I had mail and web with one provider. In order to decentralize this, it will remain separate in the future. Since it is too much work for me to set up a mail server, I will hand over half of it into professional hands. Again I pay attention to green electricity, sustainability and data protection. It's the small part in the big picture. My own server will run with solar energy in the future and there is already an inspiring project. In the next time I will adapt some technical decisions to the environment and will not buy a car e.g. because of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. And if a well-known conservative German political party protects the car industry and wants to prevent diesel bans in the city centres, I will not vote for this party in the next election. It is time to change something. Not for us, but for the next generations. Going green Germany. It's time to change things.