Glass engraving

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Glass engraving on a glass plate

Last month I bought a tool to do various tasks. Underneath sawing, engraving, grinding etc. Since I always like to try out handicraft techniques I would like to deal with the engraving of glass. The primary aim was not to achieve a certain result, but simply to learn how to use the multi-functional tool and test what is possible overall.

Since I didn't want to break the drinking glasses of my roommates in the first attempt, I took an old glass plate from the cupboard. At some point I had removed it from an old scanner and stored it. As a pattern I used an old ink drawing, which I had made in my blackbook.

For the outlines I used a thin tool tip. Since I like dynamic lines, which represent one aspect of my own artistic working technique, I have not reworked the sketch to 100%. I have considered this only as a rough model which should inspire my work. I created the filled areas and the lines in the middle of the picture with a tip that had a round head. This would allow me to create thick lines.

When engraving glass, it is essential to wear protective goggles and a fine dust mask. As you can see on the picture, very fine glass particles are produced by the processing. You don't have to be a doctor to know that these particles can cause lung damage. I don't want to test this on my own body, so I would rather invest a little more in my physical safety.

So that the fine dust does not fly around in my study I wiped the glass plate clean with alcohol and a cloth. The result looks really good and I could have kept it that way.

I painted the glass plate with Chinese ink and an old brush. Afterwards I cleaned the place again with alcohol. The result can be seen at the top of the picture. Overall I am very satisfied and I have hundreds of ideas what I can try out with this technique. I think there will be some more additions to this article and maybe I will do a certain series with glass.