0.22 - Ringia campestris
  • redesign the contextMenuEvent see changelog 0.21
  • delete the icons in sourcecode l342-348, 359
  • create mod/text/
  • change scratch (Elementary LLC) to the textEdit module l46
  • 0.21 - Scaera pyrastri
  • update the import l7-21 to l7-12
  • change Geary to Thunderbird because security l45
  • delete (temporary) the contextMenuEvent in class BrowserTab l341-398. l55-56
  • re:change the searchengine from startpage to duckduckgo l8
  • 0.20 - Sericomyia silentis
  • change the searchengine from duckduckgo to startpage l8, l615
  • it is now possible to watch YouTube videos with the media player l41
  • create javascript/javacript for some example js snippets
  • delete README and
  • port from PyQt4 to PyQt5
  • create mod/useragent/useragent. a list with reallife useragents
  • 0.19 - Sphaerophoria scripta
  • delete the other translations
  • merge the offline and online documentary
  • change the startPage link from off to online l4
  • delete the normal screen function l159-165
  • delete the fullscreen function l163-165
  • connect screenshot Ctrl+0 mod with Alligator l271-273, l48
  • create mod/screen/
  • create README file and fill it with sourcecode
  • create and fill it with project data
  • 0.18 - Sphegina montana
    • create qss/style.qss file and fill it. seperate the code l503
    • delete the close window function Ctrl+Q l160-162
    • delete the open new window function Ctrl+N l47, l172-174
    • delete the branding name l2
    • delete mainWindow.setWindowTitle l92
    • set Javascript False by default l16
    • re:activate my old yt channel
    0.17 - Syritta pipiens
    • create the subchapter javascript in the docs
    • change homePage to startPage l4, l74, l135
    • change reload page key press event from Ctrl+R to F5 l187-189
    • create close window key press event ESC l181-185
    • Ctrl+N open new window l47, l178-180
    • change searchEngine to duckDuckGo l8 l632
    • Ctrl+H normal window mode l174-176
    • Ctrl+G fullscreen window mode l170-172
    0.16 - Syrphus ribesii
    • set SiteSpecificQuirksEnabled l344-346, l38
    • set FrameFlatteningEnabled l340-342, l37
    • set TiledBackingStoreEnabled l336-338, l36
    • set AcceleratedCompositingEnabled l332-334, l35
    • set XSSAuditingEnabled l328-330, l34
    • set LocalContentCanAccessFileUrls l324-326, l33
    • set LocalContentCanAccessRemoteUrls l320-322, l32
    • set LocalStorageEnabled l316-318, l31
    • set OfflineWebApplicationCacheEnabled l312-314, l30
    • set OfflineStorageDatabaseEnabled l308-310, l29
    • set PrintElementBackgrounds l304-306, l28
    • set ZoomTextOnly l300-302, l27
    • set LinksIncludedInFocusChain l296-298, l26
    • set SpatialNavigationEnabled l292-294, l25
    • set JavascriptCanAccessClipboard l288-290, l24
    • set JavascriptCanCloseWindows l284-286, l23
    • set JavascriptCanOpenWindows l280-282, l22
    • set DnsPrefetchEnabled l276-278, l21
    • change window size l82
    • complete (and hopely last for 2018) redesign offline html files with Skeleton
    • Translation of the online website into Dutch, Polish and German
    0.15 - Syrphus vitripennis
    • set PluginsEnabled l272-274, l20
    • set AutoLoadImages l268-270, l19
    • set JavaEnabled l264-266, l18
    • set PrivateBrowsingEnabled l260-262, l17
    • set JavascriptEnabled l256-258, l16
    • Translation of the online website into French, Spanish and Italian
    • create another example icon folder with emoji
    • create a mod folder and color (clrs) icons l270-276, l287
    • fix the share link bug l12, l321
    0.14 - Temnostoma bombylans
    • create the :news .html file for dev diary and news about the Alligator project.
    • delete the help file system (shortcuts) 114-130 l170-228
    • set the about (help) page as homePage l4
    • complete redesign of the help files to save memory space
    • include the german translation
    • delete moveToHomeTab l133-134, l140-141, l147-148, l154-155
    • Optimization of language management. l40-50, change to language.txt, l8, l55, l261, l330-336, l347
    0.13 - Volucella bombylans
    • open xed text editor with ctrl+E l38, l172-173
    • Translations in: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish l2, l8, l155, l257, l326-332, l344 create
    • forward pages with ctrl+F l150-155, l290-291
    • back pages with ctrl+D l143-148, l280-281
    • reload pages with ctrl+R l136-141, l270-271
    • create Share Link with eMail RMB with l302, l311, l346-347 l12, l37
    • create Open Torrent with Client RMB and Transmission l301, l304, l341-342 l35
    0.12 - Volucella inanis
    • create a new (offline) help file system, see l13-23 and l132-1213
    • change focus url bar keyfrom D to S l118
    • change new tab keyfrom E to < l130
    • change close tab key from W to Y l130
    • delete a artefact in l234
    • I rewrote videoPlayer to mediaPlayer, because mpv can play .mp3 etc and so the name videoplayer would not be quite correct. l234, l240, l247, l271, l272, l14
    0.11 - Volucella inflata
    • open PDF with xreader
    • create RMB *Download Link File*. Inspired by the surf browser l239, l245, l272-273
    • seperate Alligator link and download software (wget) l7, l9 l147
    • include setWindowIcon l81 (#)
    • change T Key to E l122
    • delete another warning fragment l93-l95, l429
    • change L Key to D l119
    • change Tab Key to Alt l135
    • delete the RMB function quit l243, l245-246
    0.10 - Volucella pellucens
    • delete the warning class l520-l546
    • l146-147 create the close application shortcut
    • l100 The url bar on the right side adjusted
    • l8 l235, l240, l246, l273-75 It is now possible to open .mp4 files and other video formats with a video player. The $video player is defined in the config file.
    • l7 delete the unique user-agent (Alligator_update)
    • about.html create install tutorial
    0.09 - Volucella zonaria
    • delete setUserStyleSheetUrl l224-l226, _etc/_browserConfig/style.css
    • outsource the update download link l264 to l7
    • include update function shortcut l151-l152
    • drop the search engine string into l6, l484
    • set own user agent l209-l211, l217 l5
    • change icon path
    0.08 - Xanthogramma citrofasciatum
    0.07 - Xylota segnis
    • delete readme
    • change to l70
    • create _html/about.html
    • create _images/alligator_big.png, alligator_small.png
    • create _css/style.css
    • create _javascript/markdeep.min.js
    • fill with new sourcecode
    • delete license file
    • some folder structure changes
    0.06 - Xylota sylvarum
    • delete
    • rename to
    • delete mods/
    • mods/ to wget l62
    • to l70, l69
    • change calendar to date l14, l72
    •, quit shortcut l10, update shortcut l11, l60-l61, open textedit shortcut l12, l64-65, about shortcut l13, l68-69, calendar shortcut l14
    • Project code names for each version number
    • first release
    • create tools/
    • release tools sub menu l52, l57-l58, l39-42, l82-l83
    • change icons l30, l31
    • borderless buttons l28, l29
    • create (webbrowser)
    • change to
    • delete WCGbrowser and folder
    • change license from GNU GPL v3 to EUPL v1_2
    • l16, l44 update version stuff
    • l70, l73 update stuff
    • python-wget
    •, l44 no longer uses the FF browser
    • l19-22, l44, l72-73 include the wget function
    • create rss file with sample feeds
    • first release (hello world!)