Robert's short book reviews

The fly trap by Fredrik Sjöberg

The book The fly trap by Fredrik Sjörberg is one of the most beautiful autobiographical books I have ever read. It has brought me closer to etmology and how some etmologists relate to their development in biology. It shows the slowness of life, how art can take wondrous paths and why you simply have to love Swedish islands. Fredrik has a very outstanding writing style which, coupled with scientific details, makes his works rise to milestones in contemporary literature. A book to dream and drop.

Too much stuff - Capitalism in crisis by Kozo Yamamura

I have a personal problem when scientific works are rewritten into books of popular science. Unfortunately, I am missing far too many references to literature and footnotes. Nevertheless, the book is perfectly suited to understand the economic triggers of the 2008 financial crisis, why the world has been slipping into the (right-wing) conservative corner since the 1980s, and that we are still not out of the crisis, we like to persuade ourselves. You have to be interested in numbers, data, statistics and politics to read this book, otherwise you will put Kozo Yamamura's work away very quickly. It is not a philosophical work as the title suggests, but a scientific work adapted for the general reader. Due to the unusual structure there are some repetitions, which can be exhausting for people with a good memory. All in all a well done work.