Speed up the Alligator

In the last few days I could take less care of the development of the Alligator browser because I'm working through some theoretical concepts. One of the things that really bothered me was how to load fewer files from other servers. This includes advertising but also some javascripts which were implemented by providers in their projects. So e.g. to set Cockie hints or to play videos. I read my the boring web article again and went through all the points one by one. I could block many unpopular scripts with an ad blocker, but even the best blocker consists of additional files, which would have to be installed in my browser. This would make it bigger again, slower...all factors I want to avoid. I had entered in the config.py file that Javascript can be turned off and have been running it for a few days now. Is it worth it to exhibit Javascript?


Altogether I see approx. 98% no more advertisements, only by this the Alligator Browser has already become much faster. I can read some pages again that excluded me from their offer. I don't get unpopular GDPR hints, tracking scripts aren't loaded anymore and can't access private data. I have solved the problem that I don't have to install an ad blocker programmed by another developer. So I have less foreign code in my project. Duckduckgo also works without Javascript. So it is still possible for me to search for information online. So the Alligator is closer to the ideal information-web.


Many services like Deviantart, Bandcamp, Openstreetmap etc. don't work properly anymore. In most cases you can't log in. 99% of videos are no longer played. Duckduckgo only works limited, the !bang function cannot be used by the user. Almost everything from the entertainment- and social-web doesn't work. Commenting in blogs is also no longer possible. You have to install a second browser if you want to use media services.

Altogether I noticed in the last days how much Javascript is used. There are thousands of applications/websites that don't work properly anymore or can only be displayed in a limited way. But this doesn't really bother me, because I use a different software for the entertainment web. What has really changed noticeably are the incredibly fast loading times. I am very strict about the speed of programs and I hate to have to wait for a few seconds. Some days I search 200 pages for material. I can't afford to have to wait all the time until all the unimportant nonsense has been loaded. That is also one of the main reasons. Another big browser are much too slow and no longer flexible enough for me. However, this seems to be a general problem for large corporations and software projects that the project itself gets in the way at some point. In version 18 the Alligator is delivered with default Javascript. Please consider this, so that you don't wonder why certain things don't work anymore.

P.s. Today I installed Krita and created my first digital drawing (sse above). I already had some experience in Gimp, but there are some basic differences. You can download the timelapse video here (without music) or watch it on my reactivated YT-Channel.