Alligator is at the beginning of a very long journey from Robert J. Tomsons and is therefore still very immature in its application, structure and source code. In each version there may be fundamental changes that do not yet allow users* to work with this script collection proiductively in everyday life. The idea originated from the programmer's own needs and this will also be the central theme in this project. Nevertheless, the software should be designed in such a way that almost everything can be managed by users* inside themselves. People should be encouraged not only to consume software but also to playfully deal with the source code. Modding, changing the claims and structure, the dissolution of the complex is expressly desired. The software will be similar to Frontier, RubyFrontier and TextMate.

Download and News

For those in a hurry who don't have time to read the news, here is the download for the Alligator 0.22 version.

  • md5sum: 9cb4f6f85218b83b2f9ccbf6bfd5ee89
  • sha1sum: 343f4f8a773b5233bae5199546feee71a16baf99

Alligator is started via the terminal with python2 This version was developed on Elementary OS. So far no Apple or Windows ports have been developed. By downloading you agree to the license. The original software is only offered on this website. If Alligator is downloaded from another website, the developer cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of the software.

Install Alligator on Elementary OS

Open a terminal, create with mkdir Alligator the Folder and change with cd Alligator into it. Use wget to download the current version (change the XX with the current version number). To extract the zip file, we need a program which we install with the command sudo apt install ark and open the file with ark Alligator_0_XX.tar.gz. In the next step, we install the python packets and toolkits with sudo apt install python3-pip, pip3 install pyqt5 --user and sudo apt install python-pyqt5.qtwebkit. If there was no further triallem during the installation, we can start the Alligator software with python2


Up to now, the Alligator software has only very simple features. These will be further expandedand optimized in the next versions. If you have good ideas or want to get involved in the project in another way, just send an mail. If you have a question about the software, please check the faq first and read the article How to ask Questions the smart way. This saves everyone time and unnecessary trouble. Please also note that I have a lot of work to do and really only reply to an e-mail in very rare exceptional cases. There is no right to a reply. If you want to support the project, you can make a donation or buy merch.

Alligator Browser Keys

Launching Alligator through a terminal emulator will result in a prompt through which you can run JS by default (see below), or with a few keystrokes, run searches, open urls, and eventually do many other tasks. if a search term e.g. Alligator is entered into the textbox, Alligator redirects to the duckduckgo search, where the search result is displayed. Pressing ctrl brings your userchrome onto the screen

  • Ctrl-Alt Moves through your tabs.
  • Ctrl-Y Closes the current tab and if the last tab was closed the whole window.
  • Ctrl-< Creates a new tab.
  • Ctrl-S Focus on the URL bar, so you can begin typing a search query or website URL.
  • Ctrl-U Download the latest Alligator version with wget.
  • Ctrl-E Open and start the textEdit module
  • Ctrl-A Select all text.
  • Ctrl-C Copy text.
  • Ctrl-P Paste text.
  • Ctrl-X Cut text.
  • Ctrl-D Back page.
  • Ctrl-F Forward page.
  • F5 Reload page.
Key numbers 0-9
  • Ctrl-0 Make screenshot.
textEdit Keys

The textEdit module is a text editor which can be opened with a keyboard shortcut. It is deliberately based on an in-house solution, so that the design is adapted to the Alligator browser and fits better into the overall image.

  • Ctrl-O Open file.
  • Ctrl-S Save file.
  • Ctrl-T Clear text.
  • Ctrl-Q Quit textEdit.
  • Ctrl-X Cut text.
  • Ctrl-C Copy text.
  • Ctrl-V Paste file.
  • Ctrl-Z Undo.
  • Ctrl-Y Redo.
  • Ctrl-F Fullscreen.

If you want to execute Javascript via the promt, you have to enter Javascript: + the Javascript sourcecode. This allows you to temporarily manipulate web pages. For example, it is possible to change the color of the links to green with With this snippet F5 the changes are reset. Please note that executing Javascript code only works if setJavascript is set True in the file. It is up to your own creativity (and JS skills) to decide what kind of ideas you can implement. Happy hacking!


In the changelog you can find all changes of the last versions. These are entered with "Alligator/0.XX". At the moment the project is in alpha phase 0.0-99. Starting with version 0.99 the transition to the beta phase will take place, which will probably last until version 1.99. After that the number one will be released. All versions have internal project titles consisting of names for hoverflies inspired by Fredrik Sjörberg's book the flytrap.


The software package is released under the European Union Public Licence v. 1.2.