Aerosol holster

Fashion Design / Upcycling

In the last 20 years, graffiti has changed from a subculture to a young art movement of the 21st century, Urban-Art, tolerated with unwillingness in large parts of society. The strong indignation of the 90s is given at most only to some artists, who attract general attention with media-effective actions.

At the same time, hip hop and graffiti related fashion has changed from backpieces to art-fashion and is often taken up by the fashion industry as a theme, whereby street art and graffiti are usually lumped together by ignorance and one does not grow beyond tags and spots of color. A simple style (black, simple, functional) could apparently only establish itself in other areas of fashion in Germany. Clothing typical for the scene focuses more on brands, Hasslon Design and fashionable crap

The fashion for the street only has to be taken off the road, so the focus is on upcycling, i.e. creative recycling. For this purpose materials that are not normally intended for fashion are reprocessed. This documentation will be less about processing but more about how to combine finished products and develop new designs.

Task definition

In the first step, the brand name is removed from the photo roll. For this purpose nail polish remover is used as sparingly as possible in order not to damage the leather too much and to protect the environment. The snap hooks are attached to the Fashion Can so that it can be worn on the belt. Some photos of the Fashion Can will be taken, which will set the project in scene a little bit. Images convey news, ideas and projects better than a technical documentation report.


The material costs have been reduced as far as possible. The photo roll was purchased for two euros and the carabiners had the same price, so the project cost four euros. Spray cans, gloves and working materials were excluded from the invoice. All other materials can be bought in the supermarket or are already available at home. Nail polish remover, cotton swabs, shoe polish and an old cloth can be found in the household or you can ask your siblings or parents. Please note that nail polish remover is toxic and should only be used in well-ventilated rooms. If you have a garden, it's even better. In the sun you can work well on a wooden bench.


Overall, not much needs to be done to implement the project properly. Remove the logo from the photo roll with the nail polish remover and polish the damaged area with shoe polish and cleaning cloth. Attach the carabiners to the designated places and stow the spray can. Fashion design can be so simple.

Especially when you want to work in fashion design, it pays to look beyond your own nose. Sometimes you find the materials there that make your project really interesting. You should also take a look at the work of other designers and learn from them, it is nothing reprehensible to copy a good idea and transport it into your own fashion. This is a way of showing respect for the original and appreciating the work with it. Many good artists, designers and inventors have been inspired and we should promote this culture of each one teach one so that we can give future generations of creative people a better start.