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The following information contains the legally required provider identification and other important legal information. Author of the project documentation and owner of the domains and is:

 Robert J. Tomsons
 Zwinglistraße 1.
 45141 Essen

Legal Information

We make every effort to ensure that the information provided on our website is correct and up-to-date. Nevertheless, errors and ambiguities cannot be completely excluded. We therefore accept no liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. We are not liable for material or immaterial damage caused directly or indirectly by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information, unless it can be proven that we are guilty of wilful intent or gross negligence. We reserve the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the Internet offer or the entire offer without separate announcement or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

As content providers, we are responsible for the "own content" that we make available for use in accordance with general laws. Links" to contents provided by other providers are to be distinguished from these own contents. However, "links" are always "living" (dynamic) references. When the link was first created, we checked the external content to determine whether it could give rise to possible civil or criminal liability. However, we are not obliged to constantly check the contents to which we refer in our offer for changes which could justify a new responsibility.

The aim of a weblog such as or is to refer to external content. Therefore, all links, unless expressly and in connection with internal links, are links to "external content". Responsibility for "external content", which is made available, for example, through direct or indirect links to other providers, requires, among other things, positive knowledge of the illegal or criminal content. We have no influence on "external contents" and do not adopt their contents as our own. Should the linked pages of other providers nevertheless contain illegal or offensive content, we expressly distance ourselves from this content. If we discover or are informed by others that a concrete offer, to which we have provided a link, triggers a civil or criminal liability, we will immediately remove the reference to this offer.

The same applies to all questions concerning copyright. Since "foreign" text parts and illustrations are only included in our Internet presences in the form of "quotations" with a link to the author - as far as we know - (or material that is free of copyrights after our examination), we assume that this use of text parts and illustrations is permitted to us in the sense of copyright. However, if an author does not agree with the use or has doubts about the legal use of the texts and illustrations, we ask for a short notification. We will immediately remove the objectionable texts and/or illustrations from our Internet presences.